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Moments to osiem kompozycji będących kwintesencją prostoty, umiaru i piękna.

„To płyta bardzo osobista, zamyślona i refleksyjna.  W sferze muzycznej prosta i piękna”.


Dane szczegółowe

Data premiery 2013.03.26

Format Audio CD

Okładka Digipack

Wydawca Universal Music Polska, Sea Label™

Dystrybucja Universal Music Polska

EAN/ISBN 602537345595



The album „Moments” shows the new and hitherto unknown, melodic face of the artist. Jaskułke deviates from strong sound towards lyrical and sensual music, based on a gentle sound and subtle character. The album contains eight compositions that are the essence of simplicity, moderation and beauty. The artist himself says about the album: „This is a very personal, thoughtful and reflective album. My own discourse on the transience, ephemerality and the miraculous gift of life. In the musical sphere, I strove for simplicity and beauty, I intended to create music that would convey the feeling of closeness and longing, music that allows you to to get away from the complexities and difficulties of everyday life. I hope that I have succeeded.”



Premiere date 2013.03.26

Format Audio CD

Cover Digipack

Publisher Universal Music Poland, Sea Label™

Distribution Universal Music Poland

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